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SIMBYOZ is an innovative concept completely free to use. Everyone can participate in public or private spaces, or create their own worlds on given themes.

What does SIMBYOZ allow?

SIMBYOZ gives birth to the public or private universes that you imagine, in order to exchange between different subjects, by thematic (Culture, Science, Spirituality, etc.).

A universe is a living room composed of subjects created by the author or his participants.

SIMBYOZ offers the possibility of:

  • --  Share the same subject with other people;
  • --  Speak privately on a sensitive topic;
  • --  Open as many universes as desired;
  • --  Meet people with the same interests.

Public Universe:
Members and guests can create and access a public universe. They can create topics and participate.

Private Universe:
Only invited members can access a private universe. The creator of this universe can, if he wishes, add a code in addition to the invitation to increase security.
Moreover, within the topics themselves, it is possible to keep only certain members to limit access.

The creator of a universe can delegate rights to a substitute. Thus, he will obtain the same rights as the creator:

  • -- Invite members;
  • -- Manage the topic in its entirety.

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